COVID-19 Information and ResoucesCOVID-19 Information and Resouces

  • Declaration of the State of EmergencyDeclaration of the State of Emergency

Prevent the Resurgence

On 18th March Prime Minister Suga sincerely requested that people share the basic prevention measures throughout the society and continue to carry them out. Find out more about the PM statement.

In conjunction with lifting the state of emergency, the Government announced 5-pillar comprehensive countermeasures to prevent a resurgence. The first among them is prevention at dining and drinking occasions.

Keep in mind precautions to be taken when attending social gatherings.

Check out a list of precautions to be taken at workplaces.

Be aware of 5 situations that increase the risk of infection.

Together, we will control the virus and stop the spread.

Japan's strategic approach to respond to COVID-19

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